wow. it has been a while since i last even thought of this thing.

in just under four weeks im getting on a plane headed for paris. i dont know when i will be returning but right now the plan is to eventually (when i grow tired of europe or just just hungry for new adventure) go to asia by way of the trans-mongolian and work my way by down and eventually end up in the philippians where i have a place i can stay for a while right on the beach.

this whole journey is really just my response to everything that i find myself thinking about and considering important here. ive been out of school for a year now and discover that staying in a degree i had no interest in anymore was a bad idea. actually going for the degree to begin with was a bad idea. this coupled together with the wonderful financial situation i find myself in because of said degree makes the idea of “running away” seem very romantic and logical. before i went to school i really thought that continuing my education and doing what authority figures recommended would open up the world to me – turns out it really just gives you access to the same world that they live in.

so that decided it, a one-way tip to europe with very few plans. i’ve saved up as much as i could since quiting my stupid laser job and i figure that i can survive for as long as i need to.


~ by foreverandnever on March 20, 2008.

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  1. Grazie! Ho molto apprezzato il link… c’ho messo un po’ a rispondere ma tanto in questo spazio il tempo non esiste! Click

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