i do not blog much anymore. between work and play i really do not have the time to spend typing out my thoughts. but right now is  when i really need the therapeutic benefit of the process.

i have been finding myself more and more distracted by little things and have found that it is getting harder and harder to not get frustrated by little annoying things: someone telling me something which is obvious or common sense, times when i feel someone is berating me, etc. it happens at work at home and everywhere else i am which makes me think it is not them but me who is just overly sensitive. at the same time i am finding myself very “antzy”, ideas of moving to new mexico sometimes grab me, or travelling europe or really anything that is not here. what makes this all worse is whenever i try to tell someone about how i feel i just end up feeling either silly or that their response is another attempt at belittling me. i am getting tired or constantly trying to keep myself from getting seriously depressed and do not really understand why i am bothering. why not let myself sink as deep as i possibly can? isnt it inevitable anyways?


~ by foreverandnever on May 24, 2007.

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