it certainly has been a while.

well i am still living in toronto, and basically most if not all of my time has been put into working on my place. The job is still going great and i love it, i basically am being paid to play with lasers – and although the entry level position is not something i want to do for very long it will be difficult to find another job that will ever be this comfortable and relaxed, so i am going to stay here for a bit i think.

As far as my place is concerned, things are going great. it is hard to believe we have only been there a few weeks and so much has gotten done. ill throw some pictures up to give an idea.


this is about three or four days after moving in, as you can see its a bit disorganized but the walls are coming up in the back corner there.


most of the drywall is up



but just check out those windows, in the afternoon when the sun comes it is is so amazing. These pictures are about 2 weeks old, and since then we have gotten almost all the walls primed, painted the bathroom (its awesome), and I have done a whole lot of electrical. next i guess is painting the main walls and sanding the hardwood floor. after only 3 weeks the place looks so much different and i am already so comfortable there.


~ by foreverandnever on March 21, 2007.

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