like most of my posts im really not sure where to start. im quite hungover right now after quite an amazing party last night in toronto. i went with kyle to a friends place and somehow throughout the night we pinned jack down to the floor (with one hell of a fight) and covered his chest in that fake tanning stuff, ended up with a picture of his penis on my cell and got a haircut.

the problem is, everytime i resort to heavy drinking to solve my problems i always end up realizing at the end that my problems are still there and really all i got out of it is another contibution to my ulcer.

so here is where i am situated. i most likely am getting a studio apartment with kyle for feb. but before that i have quite a bit of time to do whatever i want, and i really do not want to think about a job yet – so travelling sounds like a good plan. i have a friend in brazil whom i have already contacted and he said i am more than welcome to come visit him while im working my way south through brazil to go travel through the rainforests for a bit. my other plan in malta, the reason malta is interesting to me is because i know nothing about it really – a good friend of mine mentioned it a long time ago and since then it has always sort of been in the back of my mind. i know there are tons of places i could go, and really searching around the internet doesnt help because i could easily just think of many places i have always wanted to go see, but when it comes down to it i know wherever i go i will have a good time. the problem is deciding where and if i should go. is this just me running away from my problems or is it actually a good idea?


~ by foreverandnever on December 27, 2006.

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