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Hi Paul. Thanks for your time yesterday. (what about the last month?? the number of phone calls emails back and forth and times you guys took your sweet time without and communication?)

Unfortunately we are unable to offer you an internship in London at this time, as we have a full in-take of interns from January 2007. (a full intake, you make it sound like a miscalculation. theres not even any attempt at creative critism, which hurts at the time usually in the end hopefully leads to positive change. either way thanks for inserting my name at top of a template you have created. how does it feel to be that disassociated from people?)

I have copied our US Editor Ethan Zindler, based in DC, who will let you know if there are any internship opportunities in the US during 2007. (awesome, offer a false hope i have no interest in accepting)

Apologies for not being able to offer you anything at this time. (does this make you feel human?)

Rgds (getting tired of having to put up with this simple formallity of having to type this arent you)

Chris (we’re buddies now, you can just casually sign this off on a simple first name basis… maybe throw is a hugs and kisses or xoxoxox)


~ by foreverandnever on December 22, 2006.

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