so i forgot to mention, well more like didnt want to mention, i have been seening e. now and again in the last little while. nothing weird or that, just random jets to the city and spening a bit of time with her. maybe this is where i should interject with some crap im not proud of doing.

last time we went and had a nice dinner, walked downtown and went and saw the new narnia christmas display in the bay windows, went and visited some cool downtown industrial style art, had coffee, smoked some weed on the benchs in front of city hall and i walke her pretty much home. now this whole while we did it in an amazing new form of communication i have discovered, i can speak without being worried about being elusive, or vague, or any of the things i tend to worry about. additionally (this one may seem silly), she walks as fast as i do. its just nice to not be told to slow down, or feel like im going slow.

anyways… im not proud of any of this. im not happy about vaguely wishing for something, but im still proud of myself for maintaning an utter disdain for the complete philosophy of relationships. but i guess we are having coffee again sometime soon, and if there is anything im good at its changing my mind on the toss of a coin.


~ by foreverandnever on December 7, 2006.

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