i got an email today from nef and it said they are still reviewing people so all that i guess is stuck in limbo on my side i guess until i hear something. i wonder if they actually realize that their decision completely effects my life. oh well

i dont really feel like making a detailed posting of what ive been up to. school is almost done, i dont really care since the last four months or so have not really seemed like i have been in school. four months of being slightly depressed are starting to take their toll, this morning when i put my shoes on i noticed there was something digging into my foot but didnt really want to bother taking it out. i walked to second cup to grab a coffee and whatever was in my shoe was hurting quite a bit as it started to dig in alot and also constantly was moving around in my shoe as i walked so that the pain was quite distributed. got my coffee – walked to the libary and walked around there a bit — still hurt alot but i didnt really feel like spending the time to take it out of my shoe, about 2 hours later finally walked home smoked a pipe on my back steps and finally came inside. my shoes are off now and the pain is slowly going away. i realize i should have taken it out right away (it turned out to be a small frame pin) and avoided basically walking around on a nail for the last 3 hours, but the truth is i really didnt feel like it. i think thats a good example of what i feel like right about now.


~ by foreverandnever on December 4, 2006.

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