still have not heard anything from london. he didnt specify exactly when he would get back to me so im not worried… im still actually quite excited.

i didnt realize how much my mind was thinking about london until i was chatting with my friend paul over the internet last night and realized that i was looking at apartments in london and where i was possibly going to be working. turns out that the office is about 2 blocks from dead center downtown london and is inbetween regant park and some other big famous park i cannt remember. in fact, the office over looks regent park by the looks over it.

im starting to look forward to the opportunity to actually do something meaningful and useful. if this doesnt work out and i dont get the job i dont think i will be ery heart-broken since my other alternative is still pretty cool. but at this point im stuck between letting down a good friend of mine by not doing the show right now, or im disappointing myself by not going to london.


~ by foreverandnever on November 27, 2006.

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