i feel like i should start posting again, i took quite a long break from this blog and even deleted all my entries. a sort of emotional purging that did not have the intended results.

anyways, i just got a call a few days ago and it looks like i might have a chance to work for a company in london, england. i will admit that it is a pretty cool opportunity, i never imagined working for an international corporation, especially one that doesnt seem to suck.

basically my job would involve analysing market and industrial trends in the areas of renewable energy. i would also be working with companies that are in development of clean power solutions and acting as a consultant, introducing them to venture capitalists, and helping them keep up to date on current research trends and new technologies. the company seems to do most of their work in the UK, germany and france.

so as of right now, until i talk further to them tomorrow or wednesday, i must say im pretty excited. a real opportunity to actually work on something i care about, find interesting, and it has a lot of opportunity for me to learn a great deal of new things.

so yeah, i have no idea what im doing now. i had given up on moving to london, but it looks like it didnt give up on me.


~ by foreverandnever on November 20, 2006.

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